What to Wear

So you’ve booked a session, and now you are wondering what on earth to wear? Here’s a few guidelines to help:

1. Long gone are the days of the entire family wearing denim shirts and khakis.  I want you to match–but what  I don’t want is everyone to wear the same thing. Pick a color pallet with several different complimentary shades and work from there.

2. Textures and layers are wonderful to photograph. Anything that adds interest to your attire without being distracting is good. Ruffles, jackets, scarves, hats, jewelry, vests, headbands etc are all good. And don’t worry, if you are not sure just bring it. Its better to just take a piece off then it is to wish you had brought it.

3. Don’t be afraid of pattern. If you think its getting away from you make sure a couple family members are wearing solids, or use solid layering pieces to break it up.

4. With seniors, bring  a handful of different looks. Go casual, formal, bring your team jersey.  Options are good!

5. Finally, just make sure whatever you (or your family) are in, that you feel comfortable wearing it.  My main goal is for you to feel confident and to have a good time!

Still unsure about where to start? Check out some ideas HERE.

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