Children photographs with a 40 year old radio flyer wagon

I had the opportunity this week to photograph a few children, but this photo shoot was a fun one. I got my hands on a 40 year old radio flyer wagon and it looked awesome in the middle of a field. Too bad the heat limited our time.

Lester, the Irish Setter, going for a car ride in style

This post comes a little late, as I took these captures back in June. I would like everyone to meet my neighbor's 1 year old Irish Setter, Lester. Lester is a fan of car rides and our neighbor really wanted pictures of his best friend going for a joy ride. These captures were basically me sitting in the back of my husband's truck while trying to capture Lester hanging out of the sun roof of the car. It was really great practice trying to keep a steady hand plus shooting in manual mode.

 Lester before his car ride.

Wedding - Lee & Angie - Landoll's Mohican Castle

I had the pleasure of second shooting a wedding with a friend of mine back on June 18, 2011. The wedding was held at a beautiful location in Ohio called Landoll's Mohican Castle. Here is a sneak peak of some of the shots I took from this wedding.

 The dress.

The flowers.

Where the ceremony took place. So cute!

 Angie walked down the aisle with her father and step-father.

 Could the flower girl's get any cuter! 

 And of course we had to get the groomsmen to do their one and only GQ pose!

 The groom.
 The sun was setting in the perfect location of this shot, and I just had to get those spiral steps!

This was such a cute moment, when Angie said she was fed up with her heels and it was time to get rid of them, so Lee was kind enough to give his bride a hand. 

 First dance.