Cake Smash with Addy

Well I guess there is a first for everything and this was my first experience with a cake smash session. Thankfully this adorable little girl has a awesome mommy who helped me coordinate the creative on this session. Her mommy is responsible for the adorable outfit Addy is wearing.

Let's just say Addy was not enjoying having her picture taken until mom bribed her with some candy. As you can see from the picture below the lovely green sucker in her hand was the only thing making her happy.

Until the cake...

After the cake was out, Addy was the happiest one year old and the neatest I might

Seriously this is the end result, just a tiny bit taken out of the cake...

Happy 1st Birthday Addy!

The Hunt is Over - Jessey & Katrina

Since I am a little behind on posting to my blog, I figured I would get a couple of posts in this weekend, as I have had a lot of sessions lately that I would love to share with everyone.

Now I must say photographing Katrina has been such a treat because I just love her laid back personality, and Jessey, well let's just say it took him a few minutes to warm But what guy loves pictures, I mean really loves pictures. ;o) 

There wedding is set for September 20, 2014 and it is going to be my first country wedding! I'm really excited about the details on this one, and I am looking forward to photographing everyone for the wedding!

Congratulations Jessey & Katrina!