Holiday Minis - Muckridge Family

I had a wonderful opportunity to photograph the Muckridge family again in 2012 and it's always a fantastic experience. It's so great seeing Jack grow into this adorable little boy, and I am always grateful for the opportunity to practice some family poses.


Tis the Season

Realizing that this is a little late in posting, as it is now officially 2013, but I wanted to reflect on some tiny accomplishments I achieved in 2012 and set a few small goals for 2013.

First I want to give myself a pat on the back for purchasing my big boy camera. I can finally be proud of sporting my Nikon D7000, but also thankful for my Nikon D40, as it gave me the courage to shoot 95% in manual. I am hoping my D7000 will provide me with wonderful images at high ISO and help me grow further as I explore the world of photography.

For 2013 I want to concentrate on a few things: (1)Developing my brand and (2) finding the light whether that is in an outdoor session or learning more about studio lighting. I have already begun the search for the perfect color combination and blog layout. I am still in the process of completing my blog and if you visit I'm sure you will notice some empty pages, which are still currently going to be underdevelopment, so please be patient. Below are a few images that showcase my experimentation with holiday lighting. Hoping to improve drastically this year!

I really wanted to capture the way I saw my tree in the evening, now if I had children, I could of attempted to get them in front of the tree and attempt that silhouette look. Maybe next year. And maybe I can attempt to capture a little more detail with the ornaments.
My next attempt in photographing with a high ISO and my 40mm/f2.8 lens. I wanted to get that pretty bokeh effect. And I really like how this one turned out, so I think I nailed
On to playing with bokeh lighting. I did a couple different looks and wanted to try an add some shapes to the bokeh, but didn't have enough time. Next year I want to attempt paw prints! But again here is my attempt.

Now for the hard part, photographing my basset hounds for my Christmas card. Trust me this wasn't easy, 100 treats later and  lots of frustration, I snapped two good shots to use. All I can say is god bless pet and kid photographers!
And the final product. Pictures and design done by myself.

 Wishing everyone a a productive 2013!