The wonders of post-processing

Now that I am getting more into the "post-processing" part of photography, I am realizing that it really does take a good eye to expose your image straight-out-of-camera or as we call it in the photography world "SOOC". And even though as a professional photographer your goal is to get that perfect exposed image, some of the time it just doesn't happen. This is where post-processing is your friend or for me Camera RAW and Photoshop CS3. 

Here is my SOOC image. Do you see the red tones in the her skin? Yikes!

Here is my post-processing edit. I edited some items in ACR, opened in Photoshop CS3 and added  selective color adjustments, dodged and burned here eyes. And ran the PW action "Fresh & Colorful". Wow, can you see the difference.

Check them out side-by-side:

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